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Soul Sitters

We have also walked with many of our clients down very painful pathways in the face of losing a beloved family member. Our community has been visited by many tragedies that have left each of us feeling vulnerable and frightened. Whether it has been a child in the prime of their life or a parent at the end of a long fruitful life, you have asked us to either provide photographs or take that one last photograph for you. This part of our work has been perhaps the most challenging but certainly the most rewarding as you trust us enough to invite us into your life at such a vulnerable time.


This part of our work inspired another form of service that began three years ago. Motivated by her personal experience as she cared for Daniel's mother in her final days, and certainly moved by the losses within our own community, Stacey Canfield founded, a loving place for people to share the challenges of soul sitting their loved ones through their final hours. The site provides free support through its experts and professionally written articles as well as a safe supportive community for those facing loss. Since its inception three years ago, it has evolved and continues to evolve to serve the families and individuals everywhere.


Together with her Amazon best-selling book “The Soul Sitter Handbook: What to do when a loved one is dying” and online community, Canfield is redefining how our culture approaches the subject of death and loss – making sure that people have the tools to help them navigate the grieving and healing process in time to say a “good” goodbye without regrets.


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